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leem0r's Journal

15 June 1978
a perfect circle, acoustic guitar, albert camus, all music, amatuer film, american history x, art, artificial intelligence, audio recording, audio slave, bass, bass guitar, beautiful people, being me, being naked, bi-sexual, bisexual, bisexuals, c++, candles, chaos theory, coding, coffee, colored lights, computer, computers, corsets, cuddling, deftones, digital photography, dirty jobs, dogma, drum n bass, drums, electronic music, electronics, enlightenment, euler, film making, filmmaking, fire, flirting, fractal geometry, freedom, french kissing, geeks, guitar, guitars, hard rock, heavy metal, hugging, hugs, humor, incense, industrial, industrial music, intelligence, intelligent girls, intelligent guys, internet, jay and silent bob, kettlebells, kevin smith, kevin smith movies, kisses, kissing, laughing, linux, lisp, listening to music, love, making love, making movies, making out, marilyn manson, masturbation, meditation, meeting people, mexican food, monty python, moulin rouge, music, mythbusters, nakedness, nepa, nin, nine inch nails, nirvana, no clothes, nudity, photography, physics, pi, piercings, pink floyd, poetry, polyamory, procrastinating, programming, punk, punk music, radiohead, rage against the machine, recording, redheads, reggae, religion, ren and stimpy, sarcasm, science, scientists, sex, sexy things, ska, skateboarding, sleep, sleeping, smart people, smashing pumpkins, smiling, snuggling, songwriting, sound, soundgarden, south park, spirituality, star trek, stephen sondheim, system of a down, tantra, tantric sex, techies, techno, the smashing pumpkins, theatre, tool, trance, trent reznor, u2, video, video editing, vodka, webcam, webcams, weezer, wisdom, wit, world religions, zen